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Cooperation and Links


Common projects

ERA-ENVHEALTH supported the Snowman Network and partners to implement a joint “Coordination and Support Action” (CSA) bid under Horizon 2020 and agreed to participate as associate member to provide advice on the inclusion of environment and health concerns in the project’s activities. 

Other Networks

  • SNOWMAN network
The SNOWMAN network is a transnational group of research funding organisations and administrations in the field of soil and groundwater in Europe. It wants to develop and share knowledge for the sustainable use of soil and groundwater. For the development of knowledge, the SNOWMAN network has established a research programme that is executed by organizing calls for projects. Already two calls have been launched successfully. More information on the history and accomplishments of the SNOWMAN group and the finalised and ongoing projects can be found on the website.
HENVINET - Health and Environment Network,  is a project funded under the 6th framework programme. The main objective of HENVINET is to establish a long-term co-operation between researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders in the area of environment and health research and assessment. In both projects: ERA-ENVHEALTH and HENVINET, there are tasks aiming at improving the exchange of E&H information and facilitating contacts and networking among experts working in the E&H field. HENVINET has developed the H&E networking portal, and ERA-ENVHEALTH has developed the ERA-ENVHEALTH Research database and Expert database. Possibilities for cooperation have been explored to facilitate sharing information and resources developed within each of the projects.